We adapt the rehabilitation program to your pathology

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It is the same important the work in the treatment table as in the education (hygienic posture, recommendations, etc.) as well as specific exercises to recover and prevent a possible relapse.


We approached your particular case in an integral mode until your complete rehabilitation.


The sessions are of 50 min in exclusivity with our physiotherapist/osteopath and he will apply the pertinent technics for each case: manual therapy, ultrasound machine, diathermy, EPTE, dry puncture, pressotherapy, structural osteopathy, manipulation, etc. Our objective is to reduce at its maximum the rehabilitation time of your pathology and to teach you of how NOT to return to relapse.


If you are one of these people, we recommend you that you try our physiotherapist/osteopath.

  • Person with injures or pains due to bad postures at work.
  • Sportive person with a muscular injury.
  • Elder person that looks for rehabilitation.
  • Any person that suffers any injury for any reason, or that have any pathology that are threated in the clinic.

Meet our physiotherapist/osteopath.

These are some of the objectives most demanded.

Back Pain

We will treat your symptoms and the root of the pain so it does not appear again. Furthermore, we will teach you specific exercises so that your back is strong, stable and does not give you problems again.

Tension pains due to stress

The stress is one of the principal causes for muscular and joint pain. The increase of the unintentional muscle tension can lead us to somatization our stress in a form of an injury. We will recover your muscle tone eliminating tensions and will give the joints their natural mobility.

Shoulder pain

One of the most intense pains. As it is formed by many structures, being this, hard for inexperienced physiotherapist to find the reason of the problem. With our muscular tests we will find from where the pain comes and we will treat it.


It can have a muscular or neurological origin. Being both treatments very different amongst them, we can achieve a full recovery of the pain and the root causes that produce them.


Reduce the inflammation in the area, give mobility to the articulation, recover the proprioceptive system so it does not appear again and to strengthen the muscles that give stability to the affected joint, that will be the objective for your full recovery.

Tendinitis and other sport injuries

It is caused by the inflammation of the tendon that joins a muscle with the bone. We must deflate the area, look for points of extreme excitability in order to relax them as well as relax and decontract the muscles for a speedy and denitive recovery.

Herniated disk

The herniated disk is a pathology in which part of the intervertebral disk is displaced towards the nervous root, making pressure and causing intense pain. In the majority of the cases, this pain subsides with a conventional treatment without surgery. In our studio we can offer you a palliative and conservative treatment that will lead to a better quality of life.


This word defines every single pain that affect the lower part of the back, the lumbago. There are different types of lumbago depending on the cause, from a simple muscle contracture, from a bad posture, to an arthrosis or a hernia. The treatment for a lumbago depends from the personal background and the seriousness of the pain. The majority of the lumbago cases are cured in about 6 weeks without surgery and specific exercises for the lumbago is part of the treatment plan.

Neck pain

The pains in the area of the neck are frequent in our society, due to an excessive sedentary life, associated to the use of computers and mobile phones. Stress is also an important factor for this type of pathology. At its right time, a good treatment can save you from a lot of trouble, such as intense head and neck pain and improve your quality life.

Muscle contractures

Back contractures essentially appear when you demand an excessive work to the muscle, been this intense or punctual (example: excessive effort), or constant and less intense (example: keep for a long time a bad posture). It can also be produced in the legs, coming from the regular practice of sports or because we don’t make enough stretching. Having physiotherapy treatment from time to time is convenient to alleviate and even to prevent them.

Tired legs

The most common synthon is general or local in the varicose veins (on those people that has them), tiredness, cramps, tingle, heat sensation, itchiness, shallowness, dilatation of the veins and the appearing of spider veins, and even cellulitis. The physical inactivity, an excessive use of sodium in the food and a bad body posture are some of the frequent causes. Also, they have a heritage component. Circular massages, in these cases, besides being pleasant, they are also very efficient.

Rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis

These are some of the most frequent rheumatologist sickness. Their symptoms rarely appear at an early age, but in some cases they do. Anyhow, a good diagnosis accompanied with a good treatment will make you feel better. In our studio you will receive the best assessment for your pathology.


It is associated to the muscular pain and fatigue. People that suffer fibromyalgia have pain and sensibility all over their body. The causes are unknown. Scientifics believe that it has a certain genetic component. It is proven that a moderated, with a well assessment exercises and smooth massages highly improves the quality of the fibromyalgia of the patient.

Post operatory recovery

Every single surgery intervention requires a rest or conventional post operatory. The best way to pass that phase with security, rapidity, and professionality is to put yourself in the hands of health professionals. The functional recovery is the key.

Neurologic pathology – Ictus

The ictus is a group of sickness that affect the blood vessels that provide blood to the brain. This group of pathologies known as embolism, or as cerebrovascular accidents. In these cases, is of vital importance the physical activity put in the hands of appropriated professionals and under intense supervision.

Improve your general condition

A periodic treatment will prevent any of the previous complications as well as many others, giving us a remarkable quality life.

Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor disorders imply a lowering of the (prolapse) of the bladder, the urethra, the uterus, the small intestine, the rectum or the vagina, caused from the weakness or injury of the ligaments, the conjunctive tissue and the pelvis muscles.

Other objectives

The previous ones, are just some of the objectives that we overtake from the physiotherapy area. We pose your objective and we work together whatever the problem is.

Inform yourself about our physiotherapy session adapted to your pathology!