NUTRITION in Benidorm. NUTRITIONIST in Benidorm

Do you want to lose weight, gain muscle or simply eat healthy to improve your health?

Melody García, Nutritionist in Benidorm. Collegiate member NºCV00570

Miembro de la Academia Española de Nutrición y Dietética


In the nutrition consultant we work through nutritional education, which means, we understand weight, performance, our body composition as a consequence of our habits, so we focus in helping you to modify those to improve your weight and your body composition, so we improve your sports and health efficiency.


For this, we make a first visit of 1 hour, in which we do a fairly extensive interview to know you well and to know from where are we standing, know your tastes and dislikes, if you practice sports, if you have any pathology.


From this point we will give you some general recommendations so you put into practice in your first week.


After 1 week we have an appointment so we give you your first personalised menu, with recipes (all adapt to your necessities) which will help you to put on practice what has been seen in the interview.


Our intention is that you acquire a healthy way that you can follow. These visits are 30-40 minutes long, and are held every 15 days (depending on the patients’ objective) and working different aspects such as labeling, how to organize your own menu…


We perform body assessment through bioimpedance, but we have the option of performing anthropometry using the ISAK technique

Do you want us to help you to lose weight, gain muscle or simply eat healthy to improve your health?