Make it easy on yourself

Make it easy on yourself

Make it easy on yourself

We have spent two long weeks with a storm that has sunk many of us emotionally. We are not used to being without sun, without our source of vitamin D, the one that gives us joy and a perfect excuse to have a beer with our friends.

Nevertheless, this storm, together with these two years of pandemic that we are living, sometimes, it seems that everything is uphill for us. We are more apathetic, more irritable, more stressed with the same routines: home, work, work, home.

Happy face for the bad weather

Furthermore, cortisol, the stress hormone, is at very high levels in recent years, as we live in a continuous worry about what is happening around us. Experts say that sport can help us regulate our emotions and help us feel better about ourselves, but when you have so many things on your mind: work, children, extracurricular activities, other responsibilities, you wonder, how?

¿How to incorporate such a healthy habit in a life so stressful, so changeable and lately so gray?

The answer is: MAKE IT EASY.

However, we have the belief that to start incorporating a new habit, in this case sport, we must change EVERYTHING in our daily lives. That very idea is already overwhelming. Thinking in absolutes does not help at all when it comes to achieving certain goals. We may be able to sustain this intention for a few days but in the long run it becomes tiresome and we fall into our old habits.

Let us go little by little.

Let’s cultivate the art of patience, constancy and discipline.

¿How? Here are some ideas to reflect, choose, decide and give you that push to start …. little by little.

Firstly, we choose a sporting activity that catches your attention but because of XYZ you have never dared: Zumba? weights? Pilates? yoga? a GAP class? running? walking club? Choose something that you think will make you feel happy, empowered, increase your self-esteem and make you feel proud to have started.

Second, we reflect: based on your lifestyle, how much time a week could you incorporate that sport into your week. Important note: if you want to incorporate the sport in your life, you have to give it a space, you have to get out of your comfort zone and manage that mind that will give you a thousand excuses not to follow your goal.

Third, we need to be honest with yourself: are you a person who needs an extra individual push with a personal trainer or does going to group classes motivate you more?

Forth, If time is against you, is it possible to do several sessions a week but of short duration? Note: in the end, what counts is the constancy and discipline that allows you to observe and feel results. If you work your body 5 times a week, being a complete novice in this world, there is a chance that due to stiffness, fatigue or too high expectations, you will give up.

Fifth, Reflect: what would be your real goal in doing sport? Could sport relieve stress? break the monotony? find that inner peace? lose a few pounds? socialize? If you have a purpose for your change of habits, it will be easier for you to follow through with your goal.

To finalice, What do you need when laziness visits you? Yes, let’s prepare for that moment that always comes.

Why don’t you prepare your backpack a day before?

Maybe you need a friend to go with you?

Do you need your music to get you out of the house?

Get it all ready, make it easy on yourself.

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